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Thin Thinking Podcast

Mar 13, 2021

With a zillion diet plans out there, did you know that very few actually deal with mindset?

Are you starting over every Monday with the best of intentions to lose weight and get healthy, but it isn’t working?

Maybe you’re struggling with bad choices that you made at dinner and carrying that guilt over for days.

Or, maybe you’ve tried to lose weight and keep it off so many times that you just feel completely hopeless and have given up.

Guess what?

This podcast is for you!

The Thin Thinking podcast was developed to help you overcome those mindset struggles that keep you in the yo-yo dieting cycle.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • How traditional weight loss plans and diets don’t focus on the issues that truly keep you stuck in the yo-yo diet cycle
  • Why you’re not a failure if you struggle with losing weight and keeping it off
  • That the key to weight loss and to keeping weight off is in your mind, not on your scale or in the gym
  • How hypnosis and other tools can help you get your subconscious mind on the right track to lose weight and keep it off
  • What thin thinking actually means
  • Why long term weight mastery is a journey and not a quick fix
  • How to create a weight release vision that engaged your mind on a deeper level and will deliver more lasting results