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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jul 21, 2021

I hear it all the time--"Rita, how do I stop my endless stress or boredom snacking?"

Are you struggling with snacking that feels almost on automatic pilot?

Like you feel compelled to snack even though you know it's not in line with your weight goals?

If you are, please listen to this week's episode 19 Thin Thinking Podcast's coaching session that I made for you --showing you how your brain really is driving you to snack not out of the need for food but something deeper and how to work with your brain more effectively to shift out of the mindless snacking once and for all.


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • How you maybe taking your brain for granted and how that is leading to mindless snacking
  • How to create a brain break (self-care) structure that can replace your current habit of snacking that may be sabotaging weight release
  • Some great techniques from Rita for quick non-food breaks that are easy and that you will surely love


Links Mentioned in the Episode: