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Thin Thinking Podcast

Feb 1, 2022

What kind of drinker are you? A social or occasional drinker? A stress drinker? Or maybe a 5 times a week drinker?

Whatever kind of a drinker you may be, have you ever wondered why that end of day drinky poo which was once an occasional treat has become more and more of a habit during COVID?

Or have you noticed that that glass of something that you're looking forward to at night is leading to something you are not looking forward to on the scale the next morning?

Well, in episode 47 of our Thin Thinking Podcast, we’ll talk straight up about alcohol and weight loss and how to use your mind to begin shaking and stirring up a habit that may be getting in the way of you feeling good about yourself, your weight and your health.

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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • Why it is important to take an honest self-assessment about your relationship with alcohol and what are the questions that you can ask to do the assessment
  • How to be creative in creating and re-envisioning your relationship with alcohol
  • The difference between ‘thinking about taking away’ and ‘creating something new’ mindsets in managing your alcohol and weight management


Links Mentioned in the Episode: