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Thin Thinking Podcast

Feb 8, 2022

Happy love month. Few days from now, it will be Valentine’s Day and we will be seeing a lot of social media posts that talk about relationships and maintaining love with other people.

When it comes to the subject of love, we mostly hear about the kind of love that pertains to a feeling towards other people but what about loving yourself?

Self love. Self respect. This is the starting point not the ending point of a long-term weight mastery journey. Often we begin losing weight out of self-loathing hoping that by losing weight we will "earn" our love and self-respect for ourselves. This rarely happens--true success starts from a place of belief in yourself.

In episode 48 of our lovely Thin Thinking Podcast, I will be giving you some mental shifts on how to start loving yourself and not loathing yourself down the scale.

Also, because of my love for you, I will be bringing back my free video series called "The 3 Mental Shifts to End the Weight Struggle Once and for All" which will only be available for the next two weeks. Register now and enjoy a lovely week with these wonderful mental shifts I personally made for you. 


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The difference between starting your weight loss journey in a place of self love and self trust rather than starting self-hate and distrust
  • Different ways to start loving your body and its importance in your life and journey
  • How does learning to say “NO” will help you in nurturing yourself and improving self love


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