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Thin Thinking Podcast

Feb 15, 2022

Do you have a powerful weight vision that is currently "pulling" you towards your long-term weight goals?

So often our pain is pushing us to lose weight but without a vision as our guide we can get lost and quickly succumb and fall off track.

Research shows that when people have a vision driven goal that is driving their weight loss they are  more successful in the long-run but also happier in the process.

For our Thin Thinking Podcast episode 49, I will be diving into all the different types of visions that we use to keep our minds focused and motivated  to go on a daily, weekly, and long-term weight management basis. I will also be guiding you through these visions towards the end of the podcast.

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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The benefits  of each of the 5 types of visions that are most helpful to your reticular activation system
  • How each of the visions are done and how they help in bringing clarity and motivation in your weight mastery journey
  • A vision meditation session with Rita herself


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