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Thin Thinking Podcast

Aug 9, 2022

Come on, everyone else is eating it--why can't we?

We are too tired to go to the gym--we'll go tomorrow.

We will be so good on Monday--so let's live it up until then!

Our Inner Rebel can be as seductive and slick as the most expert used car salesman in town. Selling us and our sincere weight goals down the river for an instant of "fun".

But it's not so fun feeling out of control and feeling like we are constantly breaking our promises to ourselves.

In episode 74 of The Thin Thinking Podcast: 3 Mind Hacks to Tame Your Inner Rebel, I will share with you some hacks on how to manage your Inner Rebel and stop it from pulling you off track so that you can start to feel like you are in charge of yourself and your health.


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • Why our inner rebel works against our weight loss
  • 3 techniques that will help us to overcome our impulsive episodes, before, during and after it happens.
  • How the Inner Critic and Rebel work together to keep us in the struggle cycle and how we can get control back


Links Mentioned in the Episode: