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Thin Thinking Podcast

Feb 7, 2023

Maybe you have noticed, that when you are stressed at work or things didn’t go as planned, your mind starts craving for something sweet and sugary?

It’s an impulse we often have a hard time overcoming. In fact, more often than not, that one bite of chocolate that we pop in our mouth to satisfy the craving becomes a second bite and then before you know it, we are looking at an empty chocolate wrapper, wondering where it all went.

So how do we overcome impulsive eating and stop ourselves from grabbing something sweet every time we feel stress?

Today’s Thin Thinking Episode, Overcoming Sugar Impulses, we are joined by Charmaine Platon, who is a sugar cravings coach, a certified health coach, and a registered nurse. She is also the creator of "Sugar-Free Self-Care".

She will walk us through four easy steps to achieve a sugar-free lifestyle and help us live our lives with less sugar, less carbs, and free from impulsive emotional eating.

Charmaine will also share the time when she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes. And before you go googling “How do I know if I am pre-diabetic?”, join us in this podcast episode and get to know how Charmaine discovered it and what she did to stop it.

So put the sugar bowl down and come on in.


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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The 4-step process that has helped Charmaine get off sugar for 2 years now
  • What are bad habits and how do we develop them?
  • How you can switch your brain from using and thinking the primitive style and instead use the higher part of your brain

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