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Thin Thinking Podcast

Feb 21, 2023

Want to live to be 100 with your mind and body intact?

There are places on earth that are considered “Blue Zones” regions where people are living to be 100 years old and beyond. Not just living but thriving--living life fully.

hat you may find interesting is that there are actually common daily habits and specific ways of eating that people of these Blue Zone cultures are engaged in that author, Dan Buettner, has discovered with his team of researchers.

Join me in this week's Thin Thinking Podcast as I review The Blue Zones Solution – a book that pulls together all the research on these cultures in a very entertaining read that may help you make some shifts not only with your weight but also with your biological timeline.

We will explore some of the foods and the lifestyles of these people in the Blue Zones which will help us all live a longer, more fulfilled, and purposeful lives in today's episode.

Come on in!


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  •  Common lifestyle traits that are associated with living a longer life

  • Common lifestyle traits that are associated with living a longer life.
  • How What specific foods are these Blue Zone people eating that are causing them to live longer
  • Ways that you can start living a more longevity-based lifestyle.