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Thin Thinking Podcast

Apr 30, 2023

Go on a diet, lose weight, reach your goal. Voila! 

It seems so easy, because that is what the dieting industry would like us to believe. 

But here’s the thing: if it were that easy we wouldn't struggle as much as we do. 

There are six stages that most people who have taken weight off and kept it off long-term, had to go through in order to achieve not just their ideal weight, but long term weight mastery. 

The challenge is most people give up just before they are about to enter the next stage.

In today’s episode, I will walk you through not just one, not just two, but all six stages. This will help you understand where you are in your process and why you need to keep going!!

Ready to dive in and learn about the six stages to lasting weight loss? Then come on in!


Doors Closing for the Spring 2023 Live Online Shift Weight Mastery Process

We have an amazing group of participants and coaches for this upcoming Live Online Shift that will be led by me--Rita Black.

Doors close midnight May 3rd--please come and join us--I will not be doing this again until October.

Learn more about the 30 day hypnosis-based weight release process that shifts your subconscious limiting weight habits and beliefs into powerful beliefs and habits so you can finally achieve weight mastery.


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The 6 different stages of long-term weight release and how to get through each stage.
  • The stage where most people get stuck and just turn around.
  • The three different skill sets you need to develop in your long-term weight release.


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