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Thin Thinking Podcast

May 23, 2023

Skinny people. 

We all know them. We all know that resentful feeling we can get while watching them happily scarf down a burger and fries while we nibble on a salad. 


It can be frustrating and disheartening, leaving us questioning why weight management seems to come so effortlessly to some while we struggle and make sacrifices on a daily basis.

Why do we have to work so damn hard and they have it sooooooo easy! It's not FAIR!!!

But is it fair to ourselves to harbor these resentful feelings towards this group of seemingly "lucky" individuals?

In this eye-opening episode of Thin Thinking Podcast, we delve into the subject of envy and resentment towards skinny people, exploring the impact it has on our own weight struggles.

We challenge the notion that envy and resentment are beneficial for our well-being, and instead, we open ourselves up to a different perspective.

By examining the ways in which our negative emotions can hinder our own progress, we take steps towards fostering a healthier mindset and finding peace within ourselves.

What are you waiting for? Come on in and join us as we embark on this thought-provoking journey of self-reflection as we explore our Skinny People Envy.

Together, let's explore new perspectives and approaches to our weight journey, ultimately fostering self-acceptance, self-care, and personal growth.


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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The different beliefs we have regarding skinny people.
  • Three recommendations to start to change your relationship with skinny people. 
  • How envy and resentment towards skinny people actually affects your own weight loss mastery journey.


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