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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jun 10, 2021

Why is it that despite our best weight loss efforts, there seems to be a part of our psyche that totally undermines us?

I am talking a total INNER REBEL part of us that will:

  • Convince us to celebrate with food when the scale is down
  • Talk us out of waking up to exercise
  • Convince us time after time that we will be PERFECT tomorrow, so why not eat everything that isn't nailed down today??

If you have wished that you had more control over this wild child within, guess what?

TODAY is the day!

In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What your inner rebel is and how to tame it so you can lose weight 
  • How to identify the different parts of yourself that want to sabotage your weight loss and how to overcome them
  • Thin thinking strategies that overcome the parts of you that want to stay the same

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Shift Out of Sugar Cravings

My book, From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlocking Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss

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