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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jul 7, 2021

Do you feel like there are so many obstacles to losing weight that it seems like you will never get there? 

Maybe exercise is an issue.

Or meal planning? 

Maybe you struggle with alcohol.

Well take a breath and stay tuned!

Today I am going to talk with Mickey Marrafino who used her Inner Coach to overcome many of these obstacles and has released nearly 50 pounds. 

This interview is inspiring because Mickey broke through a lot of her struggle points and turned them into solution points instead.

In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What powerful shifts Mickey made to release 50 pounds
  • How she worked through her struggle points, which included alcohol and exercise
  • How she used her Inner coach to break through those struggle points and turned them into solution points to reach her goals

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Shift Out of Sugar Cravings

My book, From Fat to Thin Thinking: Unlocking Your Mind for Permanent Weight Loss

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