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Thin Thinking Podcast

Dec 1, 2021

Do you loooooove to bake? Especially during the holidays? Join the club!

Baking for your family or with your family, serving them with all your loved recipes - these can be some of our most cherished moments during the holiday season.

However, those memory making holiday baking adventures can quickly turn into a serious sugar-coma-inducing-weight-management-disaster with green and red holiday sprinkles piled on top if we aren't using the right strategies. That is why I am here to back you up.

But have you ever thought or experienced that during the holidays, baking creates a challenge for your weight management? I know it does for a lot of people that is why I am here to back you up.

In episode 38 of our Think Thinking podcast, we are going to stir together the Thin Thinking ingredients that are going to unlock a strategy for your baking - being able to bake mindfully in a way that allows you to enjoy the hobby that you love and even enjoy your treats after, but stay mindful of your health and weight management goals at the same time.

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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The importance of eating before baking and setting a boundary for yourself ahead of your baking
  • Some effective tips that Rita had learnt from her own experiences and from other people who became successful in managing their weight around baking
  • How the skill of stimulus control and Rita’s three-bite rule will help you to thrive instead of being deprived around baking


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