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Thin Thinking Podcast

Mar 1, 2022

Have you ever noticed that little voice in your head?

That devil voice that is responsible for about 98% of the bad food and weight management decisions that derail your best efforts?

In episode 51 of Thin Thinking Podcast, we are gonna dive into how the ‘license to eat’ or the "because" factor can be a big roadblock releasing weight consistently. And we can look at a thin thinking technique that can help you master that rebel voice and get more consistency and move you in the right direction towards health, confidence, and weight mastery.

Also, this March, as we get to celebrate the first anniversary of Thin Thinking Podcast, I will be launching the THIN THINKING PODCAST REVIEW PRIZE DRAWING where:

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  1. Write a review of the Thin Thinking Podcast
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  4. Make sure your entry has your name and email on it so that we can notify you if you have won.



In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What compels us into this “license to eat” feeling and why it is an unconscious feeling of self-entitlement
  • The different “because” excuses and list of ‘license to eat’ feeling that are most of the time strong and unconscious
  • Different ways to begin to move out of a ‘license to eat’ pattern


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