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Thin Thinking Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

Happy anniversary!

Today, we celebrate the first year anniversary of The Thin Thinking Podcast.


Thank you for helping me create a place where we can explore both the pain and recovery from the weight struggle and transform the way we communicate with ourselves in this significant area of our lives. I hope that you have learned tools that have helped you thrive on your weight mastery journey.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of our worldwide community.

In today’s special anniversary episode, I reveal subconscious reasons why you are still struggling despite your years of weight loss experiences. I will also give you some doable ways that you can do to turn this around on the subconscious level.

Also, do not forget, as part of our celebration for the first anniversary of Thin Thinking Podcast, the THIN THINKING PODCAST REVIEW PRIZE DRAWING where:

  • 3 Runner up winners will get $100 Gift Certificates to the Shift Weight Downloads Store
  • 1 Grand Prize Winner: Enrollment in The LIVE Online Shift Weight Mastery Process

Here are the guidelines to become eligible for review drawings:

  1. Write a review of the Thin Thinking Podcast
  2. Take a picture of the review
  3. Send it to
  4. Make sure your entry has your name and email on it so that we can notify you if you have won.



In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What are the primary two things that are going on when it comes to your weight struggle
  • Why the weight mastery journey is a learner’s journey and why it is important
  • An inner critic session with Rita Black


Links Mentioned in the Episode: