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Thin Thinking Podcast

Apr 24, 2022

Did you know that most people who struggle with weight lose and gain an average of 250 pounds over their life?

We gain, we lose, we gain again. Or does it really have to be that way? I say NO! There is a better way forward, a way that is sustainable and lasting and gives you your power.

That is why I am so excited to share with you today’s episode 59 of the Thin Thinking podcast is the second installment of our series “The Journey of Weight Mastery.” I am interviewing Maureen, who initially released 40 pounds nine years ago and has been consistently maintaining it up to the present. From someone who formerly used a cane for the pain in her knees, Maureen now bikes, hikes, and is living the active life of her dreams.

Discover how Maureen created a life and a mindset that allows her to be thin and healthy easily and how she, through the Shift Weight Mastery Process, allowed her not only to release 40 pounds but to keep it off and know it’s not coming back.

If you are inspired by Maureen's journey, I have good news for you because I have opened the registration for the Spring 2022 Shift Weight Mastery Process. This is a 30-day hypnosis-based process that will allow you to shift your mindset and experience a powerful weight mastery journey. To enroll and know more about this, just click and register here.


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • How Maureen “took back” the control over her life and her weight journey with the help of the Shift Weight Mastery Process
  • How hypnosis helped Maureen in her weight and self management, and how she was able to build a lifestyle of creating a vision and future for herself
  • How Maureen managed her seasons of plateaus in her weight loss journey


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