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Thin Thinking Podcast

May 10, 2022

My son is learning to drive. It has been a slow and anxiety provoking process! Two weeks ago was a crazy ride. I let him drive to school and on that one trip he almost plowed the side of the house backing out of our driveway and then nearly backed into the garbage truck on the street. 

As we were going along he failed to see the fire truck right behind us until it was blaring its horn at us and so in a frantic knee-jerk response he swerved to get out of the way, almost side-swiping 3 cars. To top it off he turned left into a line of oncoming cars almost getting me t-boned on the way--this was all within a 15-minute drive.

He knew that was a bad trip. He got out of the car when we got to school and I --shaking like a leaf--hugged him goodbye for the day. He said, "Mom, I am sorry maybe I shouldn't drive anymore." And I said "No, you have to drive, that is the only way you are going to get better. You probably learned more today on our trip here than you will learn in school--don't quit, just learn the lessons you need to from what doesn't work and move on."

Yesterday he drove us again to school--he backed up like a pro and the whole drive was so in control I even had time to look at my phone for a few moments. He was so pumped and I was so happy for him--he has mastered a new level of competency--how? By making mistakes and getting right back on track.

Being consistent with weight release isn't about being perfect--it's a set of skills that we build and it's who we become over time.

One of the most important skills for consistent weight release is the skill of getting back on track after going off track. So many people do not do this--they get caught up in being perfect and starting over. Did you do this when you learned to drive--no! You kept going...and learning and mastering driving.

So, in episode 61 of our Thin Thinking Podcast, we will dive in and explore one of the most critical mental muscles in our weight mastery journey - working out for consistency and getting back on track the moment you get off.

This 5-step process will help us to easily move back to our journey not feeling like a loser but still keeping motivated and self-loving to a successful weight mastery journey.


In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • How using a different vocabulary in dealing and with getting off track will help us refocus to what is really important and to what needs to be done
  • The importance of knowing and being mindful of our personal indicators when we get on track or off track and getting responsible for our own journey
  • Rita’s effective S.H.I.F.T. steps to get back on track


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