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Thin Thinking Podcast

Sep 25, 2022

Life doesn't always line up for us to manage our weight easily. That is why so many people re-gain weight when a personal crisis strikes or they go on vacation or through a stressful time in life.

Ginny released 40 pounds and just when she got to maintenance--a personal crisis happened. But Ginny used her Thin Thinking skills she learned through the Shift Weight Mastery Process and was able to maintain through her cancer diagnosis and treatment and beyond.

In the 81st episode of Thin Thinking, join me in my conversation with Shift member Ginny Kent, who will share her powerful and inspiring weight release story. 

Ginny will also talk about how she used a glucose monitor to help her get clear on what foods worked, and didn’t work for her.

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • When did Ginny began having problems with her weight
  • How she was able to know what foods trigger and spike her blood sugar
  • The importance of talking and communicating with yourself to finally make the shift

Links Mentioned in the Episode: