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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jan 6, 2023

Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? IF? Keto?

With tons of weight loss plans in the market, it’s so easy to fall into the old habit of going with the crowd and starting a diet at the new year. Unfortunately, these quick fixes take our power away and set us up for failure.

Instead, for true weight success what we really need is the ability to stay the course through tempting moments--when we get bored or hit an annoying plateau.

Most of why we can't seem to stay on track long enough to really have long-term successful weight release is the way we communicate with ourselves. Not because we can't find the right diet.

So for my New Year’s gift to you I have a Special 3 Part Series called "BUILDING WEIGHT LOSS RESILIENCE".

I created this series with special mind tools, meditations and vision work to get you building that stick-with-it-ness that you need for long-term success.

Today, in Part 2 of the series, we look at COMMITMENT -- we explore how this mindset gives us staying power and specific way to achieve it.

You don't need to have listened to Part 1 to get value from this episode but I have provided the link to it below if you want to start there.

We go over why you should start "committing", not just "starting", and how this little shift of words creates a big shift in your ability to be successful and focus on your weight release in this new year.

If you missed Part 1 of the series CONFIDENCE, please check it out and get started building your stick-with-it muscle so you can crush your weight goals for 2023 and beyond.

Happy 2023! oxoxRita Alone we Diet--Together we Shift


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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What really is the challenge with getting consistent with weight release
  • Why building yourself from the inside rather than the outside is the key to long-term weight loss
  • Things you can do to stay committed with your weight release journey


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