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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jan 10, 2023

When we think of people who are creative, we often think of painters, writers, actors, architects, Picasso, Emily Bronte, Tony Morrison, Adele, Lady Gaga -- people who make something out of nothing.

But is weight management also an art form? Well--it is!

And today, for our 97th Episode of Thin Thinking, we bring you the last segment of my three-part series called Building Weight Loss Resilience and we are going to look at CREATIVITY, and how to ignite our inner weight artist to get creative and therefore build the resilience we need to stay on our long-term journey of weight mastery, achieve our ideal weight, and stay there long-term.

If you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of Building Weight Loss Resilience, go check it out and start your weight loss journey right by getting the tools to RESILIENTLY stick with your goal to release weight and feel more confident this year.



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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The epidemic that blocks our permanent and long-term weight mastery 
  • How to turn your struggle points into opportunities for transformation 
  • How being creative  can help you find solutions to problems you encounter along your weightloss journey 


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