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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jan 17, 2023

Sound familiar?
"Quick Start Diet!"
"Lose 3 sizes in a week without diet or exercise!"
"Doctor discovers secret fruit that sheds pounds and inches!"

We see it on the internet--in our newsfeed--at the newsstand. 

We see it all the time, especially now in January.

The diet industry sells diets with the idea of the quick results--which unfortunately we fall for because we want to get out of the pain and chaos of feeling overweight. 

Unfortunately the quick fix approach doesn't work and just keeps us focused on finding the next quick fix--which isn't sustainable so we fall off it and then feel like a failure and then we do it again and feel like a failure and rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

What if we stopped being obsessed with the quick fix diet and started fixing our relationship with ourselves, believing in ourselves, the way we communicated with ourselves so we can truly begin a journey of releasing weight that was sustainable and lasting?

That is the shift my guest today on Thin Thinking did and it's an inspiration story to hear.

Sheree Hess spent a lifetime on the yo-yo diet merry go round, looking for answers outside of herself and never kept the weight, only to find out that she just needed to shift her mindset, commit from the inside out despite a slow start on the weight release front. 

And now, she is down 60 pounds, and living her best life and about to tie the knot with the man of her dreams! 

Join us as Sheree shares her struggles and successes in this interview that sheds light on the idea that slow and steady wins the race.  So come on in to Episode 98 of Thin Thinking and let's get started.


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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • All the times Sheree lost and gain weight and why it happened all time 
  • What made Sheree finally shift 
  • How Sheree realized that her weight struggle wasn’t her fault

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