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Thin Thinking Podcast

Jan 31, 2023

They may seem innocent...but they are deadly…

To your self-esteem and your weight.

There are specific words and phrases that you may unconsciously use all the time that you think of them as innocent words, but under the surface, they could actually be sabotaging your long-term weight journey.

What if we could improve our weight loss vocabulary and use weight loss words that can help us better communicate with ourselves? 

Words that we can use to not fat shame ourselves or beat ourselves up anymore? Words or phrases that will not only make us feel better about ourselves, but words and phrases that will actually help us with a new cognitive reframe?

This week, for our 100th Episode of Thin Thinking, I am celebrating our amazing milestone with a powerful coaching session--we are going to lose all fattening weight struggle words, and replace them with a more positive and more powerful ones.

So grab your dictionary, and come on in.

Happy Thin Thinking 100 Episode Anniversary!!!

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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • How specific words or phrases actually drag us down in our weight loss journey
  • Words and phrases that we can use that will help us be kinder to ourselves and more effective for weight release
  • How to tune in and learn how to shift these key words and phrases into powerful self speak– so you can become a master inner communicator


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