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Thin Thinking Podcast

Nov 24, 2021

It’s the official beginning of the holidays! Yay!

It is also the beginning of the onslaught of highly tempting food and drinks...Yikes!

Here in our Thin Thinking community, I personally do not want all of you to fall into those holiday traps and lose in your weight mastery journey. I want you, this holiday season, to enjoy yourself and your time with your family and friends without getting off track with your weight management.

In episode 37 of Thin Thinking, I am bringing you Thin thinking Holiday dos and don’ts to stay on track this season.

Join me and let’s get this healthy holiday season all wrapped up with a big Weight Mastery bow.

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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • The power of being connected to yourself and consistently communicating with yourself this holiday season
  • The three slim holiday habits that you should practice in order to stay consistent and powerful in your weight mastery journey this holiday season
  • The three fattening habits that you should avoid and what to do instead to get the most out of this holiday season and be ready for the next year


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