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Thin Thinking Podcast

Dec 20, 2022

What are your big bold dreams and goals for 2023?

Have you got them yet or do they need a bit of a nudge?

Have you ever made a vision board--it's a great way to not only create the goals but visually organize them and have them as inspiration all year long.

For the 93rd Episode of Thin Thinking, join me as we dive deep with Melanie Moore, UK’s leading vision board expert and award winning coach as she shares her expertise on how we can make a vision board, turn this vision into reality, and how we can live the life that we want to live.

If you are ready for a transformation and achieve your dream life, then come on in!

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In This Episode, You’ll Also Learn…

  • What inspired Melanie to start creating vision boards
  • Why a vision board can be a powerful and motivating tool
  • The four pillars that will guide you in creating your vision board


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