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Thin Thinking Podcast

May 17, 2022

The more we understand about the mind-body connection, the more we see that our emotions have power beyond what they seem on the surface.

Could it be that they can either create or cure disease?

Join me in the 62nd episode of the Thin Thinking Podcast with my guest empowerment strategist, JJ Flizanes, as we dive into...

May 10, 2022

My son is learning to drive. It has been a slow and anxiety provoking process! Two weeks ago was a crazy ride. I let him drive to school and on that one trip he almost plowed the side of the house backing out of our driveway and then nearly backed into the garbage truck on the street. 

As we were going along he...

May 3, 2022


Have you ever wondered how weight and exercise can affect and impact our fertility?

In episode 60 of our Thin Thinking Podcast, I have an insightful interview with Dr. Serena Chen - a professional known for Gynecology, Obstetrics, Reproductive Endocrinology, and Infertility who serves as...

Apr 24, 2022

Did you know that most people who struggle with weight lose and gain an average of 250 pounds over their life?

We gain, we lose, we gain again. Or does it really have to be that way? I say NO! There is a better way forward, a way that is sustainable and lasting and gives you your power.

That is why I am so excited...

Apr 19, 2022

When someone loses weight it is so easy to notice the external changes--but we rarely see the journey from the inside out. For every pound lost there are decisions to be made, stretching past our comfort zone to be done--and inner communications that need tweaking.

This month, starting with episode 58 of The Thin...