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Thin Thinking Podcast

Aug 30, 2022

Stress, anxiety and intrusive thoughts–many of us have been struggling with one or more of these things–especially in the last few years. 

Have you ever considered that they all actually might be the same thing??

Join me For the 77th episode of the Thin Thinking Podcast, where psychologist, coach, speaker and author of The Little Book of Big Change Dr. Amy Johnson joins me and shares her groundbreaking new approach on how to manage and master stress, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts. 

Dr. Amy also gave the first two chapters of her book The Little Book of Big Change for free in the show notes. 


In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How to look at anxiety, depression, stress, and intrusive thoughts from a completely different perspective
  •  The way Dr. Amy Johnson discovered this new approach to these negative feelings and emotions
  • Why Dr. Amy Johnson sees negative habits, anxiety and intrusive thoughts as the same thing


Links Mentioned in the Episode: